Our goal is to build active and long term collaborative relationships with our clients by working closely with their Founders, Directors and Management teams. We strive to understand all of our client’s needs, challenges and corporate objectives and work to blend this knowledge into each search / consulting assignment.

By working actively and transparently with all key executive members, we are able to determine the critical subjective and objective characteristics necessary to obtain the ‘best fit’ candidates for each role.

To learn more about recruitment process and search structure options, please contact us.

Needs Assessment and Strategy Recommendation

We will meet with all key executives to assess their corporate needs and recommend possible solutions. From these meetings we will determine the necessary skill sets and build a prospective candidate profile. Based on this assessment, recommendations will be made as to how best acquire that experience and the search structure options that are available to do so.

Consulting Strategy

If a consulting or interim role is required, we will work to determine the appropriate scope of the role including project length / cost / deliverables. We will then review and present available consultants with experience appropriate for that assignment.


How We Work

We work to fully leverage our recruitment strategies, technical expertise, and industry knowledge to help our clients achieve their corporate goals.