Chief Executive Officer  Patient Data Utilization & Commercialization (MA)   Position Filled

Head of Business Development (Biopharm) (MA)

Head of Translational Research (Biopharm) (MA)

Head of Clinical Development (Biopharm) (MA)

Head of Regulatory Affairs (Biopharm) (MA)

Director / VP Regulatory Affairs (Mdx) (MA)

Director Business & Corporate Development MDx (MA)

Medical Director, Clinical Research – Neurology (NJ)

Science Director,  Protein Structure & Function (NJ)

Head of Business Development Drug Discovery Services – Northeast US  Position Filled 

Science Director, Glial Biology (NJ / CA)

Chief Executive Officer  Digital Therapeutics (MA)

Senior Director Process Development (FL) Regenerative Medicine

Vice President Regulatory Affairs (FL) Regenerative Medicine





Please see our representative list of Selected Past Search Projects: for an overview on our domain expertise.