Selected Past Search Projects


1. Clinical trial matching network and platform

a. Trial Matching Platform: Web tool that matched patients to clinical trials by using patients’ demographic, clinical, genomic, and other forms of diagnostic data

b. Data Aggregation Platform: Technology and unified data model to aggregate demographic, clinical, genomic, and other forms of diagnostic data

c. NLP Engine: Tool to parse and load structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from the public and private trial repositories into the unified data model

d. Matching Engine: Tool that matches and ranks patients to clinical trials

e. Trial Enrollment Tool: Patient trial enrollment CRM system used to support CRO in trial enrollment.

2. Research platform specializing in Chronic Diseases research

a. Biobanking Tool: Software for loading LIMS (laboratory information management systems) data (directly or manually). Users are enabled to search for historical diagnoses and samples available for testing. In addition, users can request samples to be shipped for specific testing.

b. Clinical Trial Cohort Tool: Software that allows searching of patients by specific criteria to build a cohort-based on given criteria, which can then be exported to CRO for trial recruitment.

c. Patient-Reported Outcome Tool: Reactive Web and SMS platform that allows providers, CROs, and researcher organizations to interface directly with patients to elicit responses about patient status

d. Clinical Analytics Platform: Software that aggregates data from LIMS, EMR, medical devices, and PRO (patient-reported outcomes) into a unified data model which can then be fed interrogated by various analytics and BI tools

e. Site Connector: Tools and customized services that enable quick interfacing to build data pipes to pull or push data from sites to/from an in-house data aggregation platform

3. Patient Therapy Management Platform

a. Patient Therapy Analytics: Platform that consumes patient records and other forms of healthcare data and performs custom analytics.

b. Patient Reported Outcome Platform: Reactive Web and SMS tools to allow providers, CROs, and other researcher organizations to interface directly with patients to elicit responses on patient status

4. Patient tracking and support organization

a. Patient Classifier: A classification model that tracks drug adherence and identifies patients that are likely to deviate from their therapies

b. Patient Consultation: Workflow system that identified and launches custom workflow(s) to prevent patients from deviating from their therapies

5. Platform for marketing and launching of new therapies to a patient cohort

a. LS-Pay: Platform to provide incentive/coupons/rebate cards for prescription rebates

b. LS-Connect: Platform to provide rebate activation via text messages and IVR (interactive voice response)

c. LS-Check: Services related to real time pharmacy benefits check