Why DevOps matters?

  • Communication & Colloboration between Development and IT operations team
  • Idea of continuous improvement and greater automation
  • Greater Visibility and Better resource utilization
  • Speed Product Development, Faster Product Releases


Geneous Advisors works with larger organizations and enterprises looking to transition to the DevOps model that promotes collaboration between dev team and operations team to react faster to issues and address rapid changes in production.

Our Expertise in DevOps

  • AWS DevOps Services

  • AZURE DevOps Services

  • Google Cloud Platform DevOps Services


How we help

Geneous Advisors deal with DevOps with the latest tools and services to help our clients build a sustainable ICT environment for
faster delivery of quality software products.

  • DevOps as a Service

    Choose our DevOps as a Service solution to automate the manual processes in your software delivery lifecycle to improve communication, collaboration, assessment, management, and reporting. We develop infrastructures that are free from external threats or data breaches and ensure to improve your new product time-to-market and maintain business agility.

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines

    A modern CI/CD pipeline to automate changes to multiple environments. We can help you in bringing in the collection of practices  to deliver code changes more frequently and greatly required when you need to release updates anytime in a sustainable way.

  • App Containerization

    Using containers give the ability for developers to create predictable environments that are isolated from other applications and solves application conflicts between different environments. We help you modernize legacy applications with containers that are a lightweight, executable package of software that needs everything to run it.

  • Microservices

    We help you bring additional productivity to DevOps with microservices. We help you decompose your apps into smaller, loosely coupled services that can be developed, tested, and scaled independently.

  • Infrastructure automation

    We help you in building a robust environment with complete provisioning of infrastructure automation to enable quick production and product delivery.

  • DevOps Toolchain we use

    Continuous Integration & Testing – Coding, Versioning, Testing(GIT, SVN…)

    Continuous Delivery & Deployment – CD, Lean Delivery, Deployment Automation(Clarive, Automic.)

    Continuous Operations – IaaS, IaC, Configuration Automation(AWS, VMWare, Chef, OpsClick….)

    Continuous Assessment – APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, Analytics (New Relic, Zabbix,…)

    Communication & Collaboration – Ticketing, Collaboration, Culture(Atlassian Suite…)

Get Started with DevOps

We utilize tools provided by AWS to fully automate and integrate manual tasks and help teams to handle complex environments at ease and scale.

Start the DevOps Transformation Journey with us.

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